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3D Rendering Development. How Does That Work From a Client's Perspective

AB 27 Group 3D Rendering
AB 27 Group 3D Rendering

The work of creating 3D rendering consists of several stages. In order to start creating a project, you need to have all the technical characteristics of the room on hand. Therefore, first you need to draw up a comprehensive information on the object. You will need: Room planning documentation; List of finishing materials that are supposed to be purchased; Preliminary plan for arranging furniture in all rooms; Layout of lighting devices.

At this stage, it is important to get the volume, that is, the overall picture. It can be black and white - we will deal with color later.

AB 27 Group 3D Rendering
AB 27 Group 3D Rendering

The next step is to create the geometry of the 3D Rendering object. This is the most time-consuming process - we need to work out in detail every element of the future project. During this stage, the designer using computer tools creates a realistic image.

The next stage is the fitting of various finishing materials. Now the created object will begin to acquire the necessary colors. For the greatest realism, our designer gives the image various effects using various program functions, including the refractive index, transparency, reflectivity and roughness.

You will be able to understand what kind of lighting is required, whether it is necessary to put a carpet in the living room, which curtains will be good. Or maybe you need to change the shade of the ceiling?

AB 27 Group 3D Rendering
AB 27 Group 3D Rendering

Finally, the next stage is "rendering". Now the designer will have to create real lighting of the designed space to check how the chosen design looks in the overall picture of the room. At the same time, you can try on wall decor and see how it will look in different lighting scenarios. If there are rooms with a complex configuration of walls in the room, the designer has to carefully think through different ways to design such a geometry. At the same time, the wishes of the customer can complicate the situation, because not all of her dreams successfully fit into the framework of complex walls. In this case, the visibility of 3D Rendering will help to quickly convince the owner of the apartment and offer her the best option in terms of design and general concept.

It would seem that everything is simple, and you can do such a project yourself - you just need to install the necessary smart programs and understand their interface a little. However, one should not rush. Even the simplest drawing made by a layman can distort the overall picture of the project, not to mention the fact that the selection and combination of all finishing materials, furniture and decor is a very difficult task.

The ability to create 3D Renderings saves time for both the customer and the designer. There is no need to tell for a long time how the interior will look. It is enough to show the layout, make the required changes, coordinate all the nuances - and proceed with the project.

We at AB 27 Design & Management group will be happy to create a 3D rendering for your interior project.


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