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AB 27 Group team: what have we changed in clients' SEO during the pandemic

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

General situation in the SEO department

None of AB 27 Group current clients turned off SEO during the quarantine period. This is the result of negotiations between our account managers and clients and agreeing on new task plans and budgets that are relevant in the current situation.

Reduced budgets for external promotion while maintaining the dynamics of maintenance. For some projects, crowd marketing was temporarily suspended, the purchase of links and the placement of external articles were left as a basis. At the same time, we focused on improving the internal content on the site and improving the structure of our clients' websites in general.

In general, we continue to follow the planned promotion strategy, we are working to improve the quality of projects from the technical and content sides. That is, a pandemic and the introduction of quarantine cannot change the approach to SEO work, since it is, first of all, a technical improvement of the site, work with internal content and an increase in the search engine's trust in the site. All these works have remained unchanged.

What have we changed and recommended changes to our clients:

  • Inform visitors about the current operating mode of the online store:

  • Continue PR-activity on external resources.

We have changed the blog content strategy. The previously planned content plan under quarantine conditions for some projects turned out to be irrelevant. For example, articles on choosing a university abroad for the "Education Abroad" project. Therefore, we have developed new blog themes.

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