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AB 27 Group team: what have we changed in clients' SMM during the pandemic

Social Media Marketing: the audience in quarantine mode is more involved in communication

Our client: Telecommunication Brand

Since now is the most favorable time for the telecommunications industry, we have made the following adjustments to the strategy for working with this client:

  • We increased the number of promoted publications dedicated to the variety of content offered by the provider's partners.

  • The budget for promoting in social media was increased.

  • Due to the increase in the frequency of using smartphones to access websites and mobile applications, social media ads has shown its high efficiency, so we connected it to display advertising campaigns based on mobile app downloads. As a result, the response from advertising has increased, the cost per click is on average 7️ times cheaper than other placements on Facebook and Instagram, and the cost of one installation has decreased by 2 times.

Our client: door and flooring shops network

For this client we have prepared the following recommendations in relation to the specifics of the business:

Recommendation 1. Be mobile for your customers

People are online 24/7, they are looking for ideas for future renovations. It is necessary to actively communicate with customers and receive feedback. You need to express your position and the company's attitude to what is happening, bring benefit and positive from the company to people. This will build trust and loyalty.

What to do:

  • conduct polls in stories with quizzes and engage subscribers;

  • create a heading “Top 10 questions about ...” (doors, laminate, vinyl). Shoot a video with experts, for example, with doors manager, answer the questions that customers always have when choosing a product.

  • live broadcasts from the business owner, on his behalf to tell about the company, what kind of brand it is, what it does, what message, what values ​​it pursues, how it copes, how it cares about customers, etc.

Recommendation 2. Activate advertising campaigns on social media

Advertising costs have decreased, while engagement is growing. Due to the fact that large players in the advertising market have suspended their advertising campaigns, now it will be faster and cheaper to attract their audience, which will become the company's clients in the future.


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