• AB 27 Group

Furniture In a Modern Classic Interior Design

AB 27 Group 3D Rendering

The neoclassical furniture set has recognizable features:

💎 Verified combination of smooth bends with hard lines;

💎 The forms are cumbersome and have a magnificent baroque decor;

💎The upholstery is discreet, but noble, without complex ornaments;

💎 Modern variations of Chesterfield sofas and English "with ears" chairs are appropriate.

Modern classic interiors of apartments in bright colors will become more expressive and dynamic if you fill them with contrasting furniture. It can be either a dark wood of a coffee table, a curbstone, consoles, or a textile decoration of a sofa group.

The second technique was used in the project of the apartment in dark light colors: sofas of a rich coffee shade focus on a symmetrical arrangement, together with them saffron-colored chairs with lilac pillows work.

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