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Adina Brunetti: Hospitality after COVID
Adina Brunetti: Hospitality after COVID

With the rapid spread of the COVID 19 and government-imposed travel restrictions around the world, the hospitality industry is at the heart of one of itAt AB 27 Group, we work with many brands, partners and other companies in the travel sector. To help our clients, partners and others in the industry better understand the impact of the coronavirus and travel restrictions, we used our research resources and hospitality dataset to analyze travel booking statistics around the world.

We hope these findings can help hospitality and restaurant businesses to understand what to expect and help marketers adapt their plans and strategies to suit the situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Since the initial start, its impact has been constantly changing, and we have seen trends in the travel industry also change almost every day.



Monitor global trends like these that can give us insight into recovery times for the tourism industry in the affected regions.


Be open with your customers, members and partners. Together can help solve the problem in the industry faster.


Think about how to properly engage people at the right time once the situation will be changing.

It is not uncommon for people to unite in the face of adversity, and this situation with COVID-19 is no different. In conversations with AB 27 Group internal team, partners and customers, we met a clear desire to share experience with each other and a willingness to work together, which we believe will benefit the industry once things start to return to normal.

We value everyone's collective efforts and the positive attitude surrounding these challenging circumstances, and we will continue to do our part and help in whatever way we can.

AB 27 Group head office is located in Miami area, where hospitality business got especially effected by the situation. Hope may not yet be lost as some countries try to return to normal economic activity. What does this mean for the hotel industry? Analysts believe the sector will begin to recover thanks to tourists who have had to postpone their vacations due to the quarantine and who will travel as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Business travelers, the most profitable category for most hotels, and then groups of tourists traveling to conferences and major events, will follow.

Of course, the world will not be the same. Hotels are already planning changes to be implemented in response to the threat of new COVID-19 outbreaks. A more thorough cleaning approach has become a priority. One of famous hotel brands announced the creation of a "global cleanliness council" that will develop detailed standards and procedures, another one announced a new Clean Stay program in partnership with cleaning agent manufacturer.

In the future, we may see fewer items left in the rooms of hotels, including pillows, hangers and - in some cases - minibars. In addition, hotels are considering switching to take-out food instead of buffets. Group meetings may need to be organized with social distancing measures in mind, such as leaving empty spaces between seats.

Many hotels are now looking at the other countries' experience to understand how the return to normalcy might work. We are seeing some early signs of a recovery in demand. If this trend continues, it could be a good sign of the course of the pandemic in other parts of the world.


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Adina Brunetti: Hospitality after COVID
Adina Brunetti: Hospitality after COVID

Adina Brunetti: Hospitality after COVID
Adina Brunetti: Hospitality after COVID

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