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The main differences in the design of office and residential spaces

It is important for an interior designer to understand that working on a commercial project is different from the process of implementing the design of a house or apartment.

  • An office renovation has a clear deadline. Any delay means extra costs. Therefore, the design work is regulated and threatens with large fines in case of violation of the schedule. There are no such boundaries in the design of private houses.

  • Work on the interior of a commercial facility usually begins without a contract. This is due to the peculiarities of the coordination of all processes related to the legal side of the issue. The contract is signed about a month after the customer has confirmed his consent to work with the designer. In order not to waste time, the contractor starts work on the basis of a letter of guarantee.

  • Unlike private clients, in corporations there is practically no emotional component in decision-making.

  • The design of offices in general has a clear structure. Work on a commercial project is faster if you break it down into tasks and parallelize processes.

  • When working on an office, an interior designer meets less often with decision-makers than with private clients. But she/he is obliged to achieve these meetings without resolving serious issues through intermediaries.

  • If an interior designer makes mistakes in a commercial project, this will affect its reputation. For several years he will not be able to participate in tenders.

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