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AB 27 Group Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing is the front line of any company, playing a critical role in growing its revenue, gaining new and increasing loyalty of existing customers, as well as achieving the overall strategic goals of the organization. In addition to segmentation, branding, market analysis, etc. there is a complex of  marketing tasks that determine the directions of development of business all elements (policies, strategies, concepts).

One of the key services of AB 27 Group is strategic marketing (part of a strategic process related to the norms, principles and rules of the organization's interaction with the environment).

Strategic Marketing Services

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Marketing research

Analysis of the state of the market, its segmentation, identification of promising market niches Monitoring of the current market position of the company and the prospects for its development.

Marketing Strategy

Determination of strategic alternatives and drawing up a final portfolio of strategic projects in a number of areas (positioning issues, assortment and pricing policy, sales strategy, advertising strategy, setting up a company's marketing service, personnel motivation, etc.)

Marketing Plan

Development of a marketing strategy implementation plan (schedule, marketing budget)
Support in the implementation of the marketing strategy in the company, monitoring and control

Presentation Design and Marketing Kits

Development of presentation products by AB 27 Group is not just an impressive style for your self-presentations, but also work to ensure that the audience understands and remembers it well. Here we advise you to put the maximum meaning in a minimum of words.

Brand Design

A well-thought-out corporate style (identity) is one of the factors that make up the face of a company. This is much broader than logo and colors: identity is the visual design rules for all brand communications.

AB 27 Group Team has one goal - online and offline promotion of your brand and your business development
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