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Promoting For Gen Z

Adina Brunetti: Promoting for Gen Z
Adina Brunetti

Today it is impossible to ignore the management of your own digital environment. Content becomes the key element for #brand communications, and the language of presentation becomes critically important. The old type of texts and themes are being replaced by lively and vivid materials. The audience makes the choice towards #creative blogs and channels. A high-quality picture or video began to gain more importance largely due to technological development, the emergence of specialized programs for image and video processing and their availability.

Changes continue due to the interest of companies and brands in a young audience, which still remains the most target for them. The past year has shown that it is worth avoiding too much exploitation of the legacy, as at the end of the day X and Z generations can mark a company's last days, since it is so active in talking about its past, instead of to be proud of the future. The past, even if it is a real and serious reason for pride, does not interest young people as much as their parents, so it is necessary to look for modern approaches to young buyers, talk more about plans and prospects. Of course, it is useful to refer to your heritage, but it is not worth making an accent on it.

The key is to meet the demand of the current audience itself which always consists of 2 elements: inspiration and education. For the business sector, these are the formats of interviews with founders and experts, as well as success stories.


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